10 Various Modern Kitchen Design For Your Home


10 Various Modern Kitchen Design For Your Home - If you're looking for ideas for kitchen design is simple but also modern minimalist below will be reviewed briefly models minimalist kitchen.

The kitchen is one room required for a residential house because it is done in the kitchen cooking for the needs of the entire family. Earlier in the houses in the countryside, where the kitchen is in the rear.

In fact, rarely home kitchen is separate from the building that houses the same fate as a bathroom on the model of the previous house. Along with the development, at this point is almost certainly the home kitchen been fused with house building.

Kitchen interior ideas that were once improvised and seemed dirty has now turned into a clean, new look especially now provided the home furnishings are many models, a kitchen set that practically lives dealer provider order in the kitchen set. So, for now, it is not difficult to make a home kitchen in accordance with the wishes of the inhabitants.

10 Various Modern Kitchen Design For Your Home:

For kitchen set minimalist modern kitchen design there are several layouts available, including:

1. Single-line layout
Layout kitchen straight, parallels and coincide with the walls of the house. Model simple kitchen where the refrigerator, cooking area, washing dishes in one line.
2. L layout
The layout house kitchen minimalist shape of the letter L. The shape of a model kitchen need additional dining table belonging to the kitchen.

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3. U layout
Layout design of modern minimalist home kitchen U-shaped model modern kitchen with a kitchen area wider.
Here is some collection of minimalist kitchen design drawings for reference make a dream kitchen.






Simple Tips To Make Healthy Modern Kitchen Design

The rooms are not so spacious kitchen narrow aka demanding occupants look for a kitchen design simple, healthy and good of course. Devise a simple kitchen interior minimalist you to create the kitchen clean and tidy, do not look slovenly, dirty with frivolous kitchen furniture placement.

In homes that have a simple minimalist kitchen, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking only, the kitchen also serves as the gathering place of the family at the time of eating together as a dining table in the room belonging to the kitchen.

To create a simple healthy modern kitchen design follow the tips below:

• A home kitchen should be positioned in a place that there is good air circulation, it is because the kitchen should be located on the edge of the back of the house.
• The kitchen also should have good lighting, there should be a window in the kitchen for room access direct sunlight.
• Place the dish rack adjacent to the zinc, preferably split between the plates dry and wet plate. No need to add one more dish rack can be tricked by parties dish rack, wet bottom, while a dry place above.
• Put an exhaust at the top of the stove or on the wall near the stove for removing smoke when cooking and do not spread in the other room.

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• Create a kitchen floor is higher than the ambient room kitchen for easy clean the dirt floor of the kitchen.
• Provide a small table in the kitchen to cook a meal while if separate from the kitchen table.
• Adjust the color of the kitchen space with the kitchen set in order to display matching.
• Leave the kitchen area to area passing while cooking.
• Do not put too much outside of the kitchen appliance, you should maximize kitchen set.

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• Consider the position of the socket for electronic appliances such as a microwave, refrigerator and so on.
• Use of kitchen set adjust to the kitchen area and shape of the room kitchen, see the section on three types of design minimalist and modern kitchens are equipped with some simple kitchen models.






Select Minimalist Dining Table For Tiny But Modern Kitchen Design

The dining table with the minimalist model has always been a dream of most modern societies to decorate their kitchen beauty no matter the home has a minimalist concept or not, is certainly minimalist table was always beautifully decorate the kitchen, especially the cramped size.

The dining table with a minimalist model of a dining table new models specifically designed for modern homes. The existence of a dining table in the kitchen or in the dining room is a familiar thing but you can make it a sensational and unique that would exist in that space not only serves as a dining area but also as a furniture which has a high aesthetic.

In order for this minimalist dining table can be truly applied perfectly, you can consider the election minimalist dining table for this cramped kitchen remodel ideas in the following ways:
Choose Model Square
The dining table is generally composed of two models, there is a square model and there is a circle. The model has decreased there are rectangular and there are oval-shaped.

For a dining room or kitchen are limited, you can choose the model of a square that does not take a lot of places but its function is very large.

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Choose Quality
The quality will affect the price, but this is not a problem as a consequence. Therefore, choose a quality table from teak or of thick glass. But if you select it from the glass, the risk would be greater on easily damaged by broken out, the display will look beautiful and can manipulate the space becomes more widespread.

Choose Size Of Small
The tiny room will feel more cramped if you install a large-sized furniture. Therefore, choose a dining table for this a small minimalist kitchen with a small size to be applied perfectly in your dining room. Avoid choosing large sizes, but will take a lot of lands will also interfere with the beauty and the proportionate share of this tiny room kitchen remodel.

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Choose Based Functions
Some Point above shall not apply if you enable the dining table as a place to eat along with the number of people a lot.

Suppose you often eat in the number of more than four people, it is definitely a small-sized dining table will restrict the freedom of eating that eventually will make people eating uncomfortable to linger longer at the dinner table for kitchen design.

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If above things you have done in your tiny kitchen layouts, the dining table is not impossible that it can look beautiful looks even more functional view it as a modern kitchen.

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